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Before answering the question of why people get Micro Tattoos, a small step backward is needed. First, you need to know what is a micro tattoo, and what qualifies as being a micro tattoo? Is it simply a matter of size or is there more to it?

What is a Micro Tattoo?

Named for their small size, these small tattoos are one of the biggest trends in body art in recent years. Sported by numerous celebrities, their tiny size makes them easy to cover and a much less daunting commitment than a full sleeve or even a mid-sized arm, ankle, or chest tattoo. Usually, micro tattoos are quite delicate and are drawn in one color with thin lines. Keeping to their trademark minimalist style, micro tattoos are usually done only in black, but may also be rendered in another single color, for example, a tiny red heart or dainty green leaf.

Not all tattoo artists have the skills to pull off the fine lines of a great micro tattoo, there are some tattoos that many artists just won’t do. So, be sure to ask your artist if they are comfortable with the style.

Why Do People Get Micro Tattoos?

To celebrate a milestone

Maybe you climbed a mountain, participated in the Olympics, or received your degree. All of these are achievements that people chose to commemorate with a micro tattoo. These can become a collection that always travels will you, a permanent charm bracelet or trophy case.

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To build inner strength

A tiny heart, flower, or star can express more to the wearer than others will ever know. A tattoo can be a source of strength, support, and inspiration to the individual that bears it. Words and letters are often made into micro tattoo designs and are very appropriate for inspirational body art.

To commemorate a relationship

Micro tattoos make a great option for a group of friends or family members that want to honor their relationship. Often this involves getting matching symbols placed in a similar location to celebrate their bond. Examples of this are designs featuring a date that is meaningful, matching symbols like yin and yang, half a heart, or exchange of initials.

To pay tribute to a loved one

A micro tattoo is also a great way to commemorate a loved one for people that would prefer not to have a larger piece.

As a “starter” tattoo

People are sometimes hesitant to get a tattoo even though they want one. A micro tattoo can be placed in an area that is easy to hide. Because they are so small and done with a single needle, they are usually a gentle way to ease into the world of tattooing. This allows you to see what the tattoo experience is all about before you commit to something larger.

Where on their Body do People Get Micro Tattoos?

There is no hard and fast rule about where a micro tattoo should be placed. In fact, one of the pros of these tiny tattoos is that they can be placed almost anywhere. You will often see a small design on a finger, wrist, ankle, or toe. If you aren’t sure where to get one, your tattoo artist may have some suggestions.

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