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Cellulite is a non-life threatening condition that happens more commonly in women an almost exclusively in their later years. It is less severe than stretch marks in men, and is not a medical threat. Millions of women have cellulite and hundreds of thousands have not and many have considered filler treatment.

Cellulite is basically fat underneath the skin. The fat push up against the skin, and it is more prominent in areas with high cell turnover, such as the thighs and upper arms. The development of cellulite is believed to be partially hereditary.

It seems that having fair and well-toned skin misresults in being less likely to get cellulite, since it would have little elastin in the skin. The process of shedding the excess fat in the body that is not needed is called lipolysis.

This means that the fat that is stored in fat cells throughout the body will be burned, thus causing the development of cellulite. The metabolism of sugar and fat are very different therefore, when sugar is taken in it results in fat, and when fat is eaten it results in sugar.

Many people that have cellulite will maintain a healthy diet and exercise regiment, and this may help to reduce the severity of the cellulite they have. But then again, there is no sure fire method of completely preventing cellulite. But there are a number of suggestions that can help to stop cellulite and improve the appearance of the skin.

 Mantle of the skin

The outermost layer of the skin is known as the mantle. This is the part of the skin that protects the body and keeps it from being subjected to pressure. This is a tough tissue, and when filled with subcutaneous fat it can be very difficult to change.

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The appearance of the mantle is important, since the appearance of the skin is the first thing that a person other than a doctor notices. A cellulite prone person will have more “potentially” visible areas of cellulite on the body (the “ashes” that are visible in the thighs and buttocks and where the cellulite is deposited). This is why a cellulite workout like leg curls may be more effective in the prevention of cellulite than exercises that target specific muscles are.

Hormonal changes

By far the biggest cause of the development of cellulite, women are more predisposed than men are to cellulite. The female hormone estrogen is believed to be the most responsible for the formation of cellulite.

Many women take birth control pills that are full of estrogen and other hormonal imbalances. This is usually because they want to avoid having children, which takes saliva and fat from the male side of the reproductive chart. This fat is then deposited in the form of cellulite on the female side.

A healthy diet

Including blueberries, vinegars, plums, blueberries, prunes, lemons, kale, parsley and other green leafy vegetables can help to prevent the formation of cellulite. The intake of a lot of water, green tea and red wine may also help as they contain properties that fight free radicals and increase the turnover of the skin. A healthy diet will also reduce weight.


A healthy and toned body has less cellulite. Cellulite is caused in part by toxins and a poorly toned body. Therefore, exercise plays an important role in both prevention and reduction. A toned body burns more calories at a time and helps to firm the Parts.

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Reduce Stress

Stress causes hormonal imbalances and cellulite. Acute stress (lasting less than 24 hours) relaxation of muscles by key periods of activity such as swimming and yoga may help prevent the formation of cellulite.

In conclusion, a healthy lifestyle and proper diet always provide answers to the question “why do people have cellulite?”. However, the most preferable way to eliminate cellulite is by means of a surgical procedure such as liposuction. There are many other surgical procedures available.